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Lake County Mechanical
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Customer Testimonials

Below is the story of just one of our many satisfied customers!

There are no words enough to express our gratitude to Shaun, Owner of Lake County Mechanical Heating, AC, Ventilation (847) 989-4649. HE WAS NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THE MONEY. HE HELPED US FIRST AND NOT WORRIED IF THEY GOT UNDERPAID OR NOT PAID AT ALL. IT'S SO UNBELIEVABLE THAT THERE IS STILL SOMEONE LIKE SHAUN TODAY. He helped us twice now with our issues of our 29 years old furnace and AC. We cannot afford to replace it so we just depend on honest help.

Our furnace broke down on Sunday, 5 days before Thanksgiving. I checked it myself and this time looks like the valve regulator is bad. I became worried coz replacing this is very costly. We tried to get help from our friends but unable to help us.

It's getting cold inside the house. Our kids wore sweater and covered with their comforter while watching TV or doing their school works. Fortunately we have this small space heater and temp outside were 19-25. I was so desperate, so I called Shaun again. I was a bit a shame coz he already helped us last summer and here I am again with a new issue... a heater this time. But Shaun was such an amazing person. He's so compassionate and concerned. He tried to diagnose my issue over the phone directing me what to do. Maybe their service is not actually needed so I won't spend unnecessarily. When I told him it's been down for 3 days now, he became so concerned and worried and said "We'll fix that, we'll fix that and we will not let you go on without a heat". I thanked him, but in my mind I begun to worry coz I knew that replacing a regulator cost thousands of dollars. Shaun made a plan to replace the valve right away while I apply for financing of a new furnace. I just need to make a "drop in a bucket" deposit. I went ahead and apply for financing but was denied. I let Shaun know and told me not to worry. "We'll fix that, we'll fix that. I will not let you celebrate Thanksgiving without a heat" oh thanks I said, but again I'm so worried of costly repair. I only have $250 available which I borrowed from a friend. I informed Shaun that I only have $250, still Shaun told me not to worry.

Phil, one of the technicians of LCM, arrived. He's very polite and respectful. He checked the furnace and found that the valve regulator is bad and needs to be replaced. I want to collapse coz I was just hoping some kind of loose connection only. Phil called Shaun and got an instruction to go ahead, replace the regulator. As Phil started to work on my furnace, I was so worried how can I pay them, I only have a borrowed $250 and that's it.

My furnace is located in a very small closet with a water heater infront. There was not enough room for Phil to work. He has to position his body sideways. Very difficult job but Phil stayed cool and polite while he explains to me about what he's doing. Amazing guy!!!

Finally! After more than an hour of laborious work...Phil asked me to turn on the heat and wah lah!!! My broken furnace came back to life again. Phil is exceptional-he did it right the first try. I was so happy but I started to get very worried.

Phil went out and came back with a receipt. He started to fill up information, my name, address etc. As Phil writing was those info, my heart was pounding fast. I was preparing what to say the moment Phil write on the space a big $ amount. But I could not believe my eyes when Phil wrote $0, zero on the spaces. I can't say a word. I must be dreaming. This can't be true. This guy had laboriously replaced my regulator and he's charging me nothing? Phil told me that Shaun wanted to help us. I was so speechless. All I can say was thank you as I held back my tears. I respectfully offered Phil a gift as a gesture of my huge and sincere appreciations but he politely turned it down and told me that they wanted to help us.

I told my wife what happened and we both thanked the Lord for these amazing people that He sent us. I called Shaun in his office and expressed our appreciation. What Shaun didn't know was that, we can now use some of the $250 to buy food for our Thanksgiving celebration. That day we went to the grocery with praises in our hearts. I am writing this letter to share to everyone what Shaun has done for us. We will never forget this for the rest of our lives. If you need honest guys to fix or replace your furnace and AC, PLEASE consider doing business with Shaun. They are not only excellent in this trade but very honest and with a huge philanthropic heart.

If you are capable, I encourage you to pay extra than what they quoted you as these guys are helping less fortunates. Please let your family and friends read my testimony so they would consider doing business with Shaun.

Again, thanks to Shaun and Phil for allowing us celebrate Thanksgiving with warm home and warm foods on the table. God bless you Shaun and may God prosper your business.

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